Regarding the treatment of female characters in the MCU (x)

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the i like a little heat gif set is from graceland if no one has told you that yet!


They had not! Slackers. Everyone but you is on notice.

I had to think a little bit to remember which gif you were referring to, but now that I’ve recalled it, I MUST CHECK THIS OUT. Are you watching it? Tell me your favorite things about it! :D

I AM WATCHING IT i only watched the first season cause i got too busy to notice when the second season started but I LOVE the plot line of the first season and the surprise twist it took because normally i’m good at guessing things in shows, but i didn’t get this one. I also love Jakes (dude with long hair in the gif set) and Charlie. Actually the entire cast/characters are amazing and well rounded and girls aren’t just there to be girlfriends/supply man pain. 


I fucking love my hair right now, I feel like I could conquer the world and it makes me wanna have killer make up on